Information for Shareholders 

Each shareholder shall be entitled to inquire and submit complaints and suggestions via the following means:

Jordan Commercial Bank Public Shareholding Limited Company Mechanism for Receiving Shareholders’ Suggestions and Complaints

  1. Direct attendance to the Bank / Financial Department / Shareholders Division.
  2. Contact the Shareholders Division via phone on direct line (+96265203012).
  3. Fax: (+96265203091).
  4. The Email address for complaints and suggestions is (
  5. Shareholders shall be entitled to submit any suggestion to include certain topics on the agenda of the Ordinary General Assembly meeting before the end of January of each year, to enable the Bank’s Board of Directors to study such suggestions and take the appropriate decision thereon.
  6. Shareholders holding at least 5% of the company’s subscribed shares shall be entitled to add items on the agenda of the company’s Ordinary General Assembly meeting prior to sending it in final form to the shareholders. If the shareholder does not respond within the specified period (five business days), it shall be deemed that the shareholder has no items to add.
  7. The Secretariat of the Board of Directors shall be provided with all the shareholders' suggestions and/or complaints in order to submit them to the Board of Directors and take the appropriate decision thereon.
  8. The suggestions and complaints received by the Bank shall be treated with utmost confidentiality and transparency.
  9. This mechanism shall be effective as of its date.

This mechanism shall be deemed an integral part of the mechanism of organizing the General Assembly meetings approved by the Bank.