Mr. Caesar Qulajen CEO
Mr. Alaa Qahef Deputy CEO / Chief Operating Officer – COO
Mr. Rami Hadid Deputy CEO / Chief Business Officer – CBO
Mr. Mohammed Al-Quran Asst. General Manager, Credit
Mr. Salim Sawalha Asst. General Manager, Retail Banking and Branches
Mr. Abdallah Kishek Asst. General Manager, Finance
Mr. Majdi Banat Asst. General Manager, Operations
Mr. Wael Rabieh Asst. General Manager, Commercial Banking
Mr. Anas Ayesh Executive Management Treasury and Investment
Mr. Mazen Al-Khateeb Manager, Risk Department
Mr. Mahmoud Mahmoud Manager, Compliance Monitoring and Anti-Money Laundry Department
Mr. Ajoud ALrousan General Auditor
Mr. Zaher Muala Regional Manager/Palestine