About Jordan Commercial Bank

Jordan Commercial Bank was originally established in 1977 under the name Jordan-Gulf Bank (JGB).

In 2004 JGB went through a major restructuring effort that touched all aspects of its operations administratively and financially and its name was changed to Jordan Commercial Bank. The bank currently conducts its business via 36 branches in Jordan.

Jordan Commercial Bank offers its corporate, retail, and investment clients with customized high quality competitively priced financial solutions. Through both its' ever-increasing and regularly enhanced range of cutting-edge banking solutions and its' efficient distribution channel, The Bank is committed to delivering tailored world-class products and services that reward its' stakeholders, customers, and its personnel. 

Since re-launching in 2004, Jordan Commercial Bank is keen to have an effective social role and contributes to several CSR initiatives. It constantly provides cash and in-kind support to various activities in different fields. The Bank also sponsors many conferences, seminars and economic, cultural, social and sports events in cooperation with many educational and social institutions.