Treasury & Investment 


Investment Department

Jordan Commercial Bank provides a full range of investment solutions through a team of specialists at the Investment Department licensed by the Jordan Securities Commission and operating in accordance with the investment policy of the Bank approved by the Central Bank of Jordan.


Investment Services:

  • Investment Management.
  • Investment Trusteeship.
  • Financial Advisory Services.
  • Custody Services.
  • Bond Trusteeship.
  • Managing and accepting IPO subscriptions at the Bank’s branches.
  • Providing advisory services and making the necessary arrangements to ensure the success of the IPO process.
  • Preparing prospectuses and conducting all the necessary studies and procedures for the issuance and registration of securities.


Treasury Services:

Our Treasury Department provides a wide range of advanced financial solutions and products through a team of specialists in different areas including asset management, trading and capital markets activities. These include:

  • Management of the Bank’s assets and liabilities.
  • Foreign exchange, through the following:
  • Purchase and sale of spot and forward foreign exchange contracts.
  • Swap contracts.
  • Margin Trades Accounts
  • Capital market and securities services.


Financial Institutions and Correspondent Banks Department:

The Financial Institutions and Correspondent Banks Department focuses mainly on managing and developing relationships with banks and financial institutions worldwide to meet the needs and requirements of Large Corporate, Commercial & SME customers.


Jordan Commercial Bank maintains an extensive network of correspondents distributed regionally and internationally in order to provide high quality and best services to our partners and customers including:

  • Opening accounts for financial institutions and correspondent banks in Jordanian Dinar and all major currencies.
  •  Executing wire transfers through the main clearing banks around the world.
  •  Issuing and confirming documentary credits.
  •  Issuing international guarantees.
  •  Issuing and receiving Bills for Collection.
  •  Financing international trade transactions.
  •  Managing payment orders operations.