Sunday, March 3, 2019 - 02

Jordan Commercial Bank was the recipient of one gold and two silver prizes for its "Best Creative Out-of-Home Advertising" billboards, advertising its products and services, at the 17th annual Pikasso d'Or Awards. The ceremony was held in the capital Amman and attended by professionals in Jordan's advertising industry, including leading agencies, clients, and media representatives.

The bank was the recipient of a diverse list of awards, including the Pikasso Gold (top prize) for its residential loans campaign "Why Waste Your Money on Rent?", and two Silver awards for best Out-of-Home ads; these concerned the "Only JD 100 Will Qualify You for Winning JD 500,000 with Tejari Tawfeeri." Jordan Commercial Bank was the only bank in Jordan to receive these awards.

Mr. Salim Sawalha, Asst. General Manager, Retail Banking and Branches, said:

"We are proud to have won these awards, which add to our list of successes and achievements over past years. We thank our strategic partner and partner Cheil Worldwide Inc. Jordan for providing us with creative design services to promote the bank's name in the Jordanian banking market."