Wednesday, March 27, 2019 - 02

ISACA and ScanWave have granted a Certificate of Appreciation to the Jordan Commercial Bank for its efforts to establish and strengthen IT governance, based on COBIT 5. The result of this is IT governance in the organization, created in response to instructions from the Central Bank of Jordan issued in October 2016, which stipulated that banks in Jordan adopt the COBIT 5 framework and strengthen it to a certain level.

The bank has made strides forward in IT governance using COBIT, which provides a comprehensive framework for achieving its corporate governance and IT management objectives. COBIT 5 allows comprehensive IT governance for the entire company, taking into account the full operational areas of business and IT, and the IT interests of internal and external stakeholders; COBIT is a general and useful framework for businesses, whether commercial, non-profit, or public.

ScanWave Comprehensive Technical Solutions launched the unique Business Technology Management Advisory Program in partnership with ISACA in 2017; the two institutions work together on transition services from COBIT 5 to COBIT 2019 through an integrated program, as well as services including COBIT assessments, adoption programs and training.

ISACA, represented by Strategic Account Executive Mr. Chris DeMale, thanked the Bank's management for its commitment and guidance in helping various banking units meet requirements. ScanWave CEO Dr. Ramzi Sunna also thanked the Bank’s technical management and staff for their commitment in securing this great achievement. In turn, the Bank thanked ISACA and ScanWave for their support and guidance to establish the Bank's IT governance framework and to assist in the implementation of the project within the required timeframe.