Thursday, October 1, 2020 - 03


The Jordan Commercial Bank (“JCB”) has recently launched – in collaboration with the Middle East Payments Services (“MEPS”); a leading firm in providing innovative online payment solutions in the Middle East Region – its own payment solution: “Tejari Pay”–which allows its customers, holders of MasterCard payment cards, to make payments using their Android smart devices. The JCB is considered to be amongst the first banks in Jordan to launch such a solution leveraging state-of-the-art online payment technologies in catering to the various needs of its customers, and in bringing our services into line with their ever-evolving lifestyle.

The innovative solution enables JCB’s customers, holders of MasterCard debit, credit and prepaid cards, to add and verify their cards through the JCB’s banking application, and thus pay safely and easily–“Tejari Pay” supports contactless payments; customers would only need to hold or tap their mobile devices to the various payment terminals at local and international stores and shops without the actual need for their physical cards.

The intuitive and easy-to-use “Tejari Pay” allows for seamless payments–the Application’s “multi-account” functionality enables the customers to register one payment card with more than one device, and also to register several payment cards with the same device. Moreover, the Application offers its customers a host of security options, as it protects the customers’ sensitive data (E.g. 16-digits’ codes) through tokenization; a process through which sensitive data are substituted with less- and non-sensitive equivalent known as a (“Token”).

In commenting on this important step, Salim Swalha, General Manager of Retail and Branch Banking, said: “This step comes to meet the JCB’s vision of providing its customers with exceptional and quality customer support and technology-powered services that not only enable them to make their payments anywhere, anytime; but also cater to their various needs and bring themselves into line with their ever-evolving lifestyle”.

In this connection, Ramzi Al-A’mari, Levant Cluster Head at MasterCard, said: “We are pleased with our collaboration with the JCB on the launch of their Tejari Pay solution in Jordan. In light of COVID-19 crisis, the health and safety of citizens must always come first; hence the importance of the contactless payment technologies that MasterCard provide–our technologies allow for easy, fast and safe financial transactions in accordance with the social distancing guidelines. If we are to further consider the results of the first quarter of 2020, contactless transactions saw a rise of 11% In Jordan; which demonstrates an increased confidence in such technologies, and a strong demand for such solutions–mainly due to their reliability, ease-of-use and seamlessness.”

For his part, Ali Abd Al-Jabbar, CEO of MEPS, said: “Our focus on providing invariably innovative payment solutions is all but total–by providing the JCB with our tokenization solutions, we enhance the quality of its services, and enable its customers to make their payments in a safe, fast and easy manner”.