Tuesday, April 16, 2019 - 03

Jordan Commercial Bank has recently launched the AutoSave service, a smart, cutting-edge automatic money saving-service that keeps apace with customers’ lifestyle, which aims to encourage and help them save for a better future.

AutoSave is a simple service, helping clients save without the need to organize and set a plan for managing their monthly expenses. All you have to do is subscribe to the service; with every purchase you made through their debit card at the points of sale or the Internet whether for local or international purchases, payments will be rounded up to the nearest Dinar and transferred to their savings account. Customers will therefore be saving automatically, and watch their savings account grow day by day effortlessly.

Assistant General Manager and Head of Retail, Saleem Sawalha commented: “Through AutoSave Service, Jordan Commercial Bank has made saving money an easy and a daily habit. We are fully aware of some of the difficulties and obstacles our customers face when trying to save, which hold them back from committing to any savings programs. This was the main reason we launched this service, that’s also complementary to Tejari Tawfeeri Savings Account. With AutoSave, we are changing the traditional saving concept, making it a daily habit more convenient and suitable for the lifestyle of many of our customers.”