Monday, November 28, 2016 - 02

To ensure the highest safety standards in emergencies and natural disasters, Jordan Commercial Bank has recently conducted a fire evacuation drill for all employees and customers who were inside the Bank’s building at that time. The drill was conducted under the supervision of the Directorate of Civil Defense, the Public Safety Committee and emergency teams comprising the Bank’s employees.

The participating employees and customers followed all the evacuation instructions which have been periodically provided by the Bank, namely the evacuation time window, the use of emergency exits, helping injured people and going to the safe assembly points for each business unit. The exercise was completely successful in terms of the immediate and appropriate response by the staff to the situation.

Commenting on the exercise, General Manager Caesar Qulajen said: “The Bank conducted the evacuation drill for the employees and customers out of its duty to protect their lives and save its assets. Training employees on safety procedures ensures their preparedness to deal with any real life emergency situation. Mr. Qulajen concluded by thanking the Civil Defense personnel for their efforts and cooperation in the successful evacuation drill.