Sunday, August 4, 2019 - 03

In a festive, joyous atmosphere tinged with surprise and suspense, Jordan Commercial Bank celebrated on Sunday, 04/08/2019, the winner of the annual cash Tejari Tawfeeri account—JD 500,000—with a large crowd with exciting sketches. This included the drawing of the grand prize winner’s name and the writing of the cheque by the artist Suhaib Attar, with musical interludes on the violin and drums.

The ceremony was attended by CEO Mr. Caesar Qulajen, executive management, and all employees, plus media celebrities from Roya channel and social media influencers who covered the event live.

Mr. Yasir Ibrahim Muslim Ahmaru was surprised to be the lucky winner of the grand prize when his name was announced and written on the huge check that was installed on the front of the bank's main building. He expressed his great joy at the award, which will undoubtedly change his life for the better, and expressed his great confidence in the bank, its excellent deal with customers, and the high quality service it has provided as a whole.

Qulajen handed Ahmaru the prize, saying: “The bank achieved a leading position among Jordan’s banks through Tejari Tawfeeri and occupied a strong competitive position with the many advantages that this account offers to customers, in addition to the valuable and diverse cash prizes to satisfy them and increase their loyalty to the bank. There is also the innovative banking service that we have recently launched to help and encourage our customers to save, AutoSave, which will enable them to save easily and without trouble.”

As the bank always promises its saving accounts customers, the bank announced the continuation of its monthly (JD 50,000), weekly (JD 5,000) and daily (JD 500 dinars) cash prizes for Tejari Tawfeeri account holders.