Monday, September 6, 2021 - 08

Jordan Commercial Bank recently signed a Strategic Cooperation and Support Agreement with the YMCA / Amman - Jordan, as part of its corporate social responsibility strategy to support all sectors, bodies, and associations in achieving their goals of assisting the less fortunate as well as continuing to establish charitable and recreational activities and events for the various segments of the local community.


The agreement was signed by the CEO of the Bank, Caesar Qulajen, and the Association’s Chairman of the Board, Omar Zaru, at the bank's head offices, in the presence of several members of the executive management from both sides.


Under the agreement, the Bank will provide financial support to the Association for a two-year period to enable it to expand its community activities, provide cash and in-kind assistance to the less fortunate and care for the elderly and orphans. The agreement will also allow the Association to establish cultural, educational, and sports activities for members and visitors, provide recreational and medical services in Jordan and develop new activities during the agreement term. 


On this occasion, the Bank’s CEO, Qulajen stated, "We are glad to assist the YMCA and establish this strategic alliance, through which we hope to participate in producing more tangible positive change in the many groups and sectors we support."


Zaru, Chairman of the Association's Board of Directors, expressed his gratitude and sincere appreciation to the Bank for this support, which he believes demonstrates the Bank's sense of responsibility towards society and all its sectors. He also emphasized the importance of the Bank's role in supporting the Association, which will allow it to continue providing and upgrading its services.