Wednesday, October 14, 2020 - 03

In keeping with its social responsibilities, The Jordan Commercial Bank (“JBC”) – impassioned to participate in the various environmental activities and initiatives – has recently dedicated its continuous support to the Green Caravan Programme. The JCP, in collaboration with the Arab Group for the Protection of Nature (“APN”) and Madaba Women's Charity Association (“MWCA”), has made haste to commit donations to the Programme’s strenuous efforts, and take part in planting the trees in Al-Fayha’, Madaba.

Caught up in the excitement, and to inspire positive emulation, JCB’s employees have been so intent on participating in this initiative–upon whose participation, the initiative commenced; spanning three enclosed lands owned to three different farmers from Al-Fayha’, where the JCB’s employees helped plant around 214 fruit trees, like olives, cedars, citruses, grapes and figs. The employees, in turn, have expressed their pleasure at their participation in the initiative; stressed the importance of supporting similar environmental initiatives; called for concerted efforts on protecting the environment for future generations.

On her part, Mariam Al-Ja’Ja’, General Manager of APN, has extended gratitude to the JBC for their support; indicated that Jordan is in dire need of holistic and cross-sectoral environmental initiatives; and stressed the importance of attending to the needs of farmers and enabling them in order to promote food security, especially in In light of the rapidly evolving circumstances around coronavirus that further stress the needs to work diligently in this connection.

Particular mention must be made that the Green Caravane Programme has entered into force in 2003–it is aimed at increasing green space and enabling micro-farmers as the fundamental cornerstone in promoting food security in Jordan; and has since helped in planting for than 110,000 trees in Jordan to date.