Sunday, December 29, 2019 - 02

Jordan Commercial Bank and AmwalCom have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that sees AmwalCom list the bank’s services and products on its website,, the first website in Jordan to search for different financial product offerings, including loans, credit cards, and bank accounts, for individuals in Jordan.

Asst. General Manager, Retail Banking and Branches Mr. Salim Sawalha signed on behalf of the bank, and AmwalCom co-founder Fadi Oweis signed on behalf of the company. Executive management representatives from both parties were present.

Sawalha commented on the deal, stating, “The signing of this agreement is a result of the bank’s desire to reduce time and effort for clients searching banking products and services offered with competitive advantages by the bank and comparing them with what’s on offer from other banks, helping them make considered financial decisions on services and products as per their needs.”

Oweis said, “We at AmwalCom are proud of this agreement with the Jordan Commercial Bank. It comes from our common desire to provide exceptional, advanced service to Jordanian citizens looking for banking offers, which contributes to supporting and developing the Financial Inclusion National Strategy Project at the Central Bank of Jordan. AmwalCom allows Jordanians to compare different financial offers by different funding bodies on the website. We have recently activated a Chatbot on Facebook, where we send financial advice and information to our subscribers. The number of subscribers reached totaled over sixteen thousand within the first month of launch.”

AmwalCom allows citizens seeking funding, a credit card, or even opening a bank account the ability to submit their application via website at in two minutes, free of charge. The AmwalCom team forwards the request to the appropriate financial bodies based on the applicant’s financial status, which then communicate with the applicant and complete the process.

The website sees approximately 25,000 visitors a month; requests from customers interested in banking products and services on offer come-up to approximately 5,000 requests a month.