Facing an emergency or temporary cash shortage?

Sometimes the unexpected happens: a medical emergency for you or a family member, an appliance in the house breaks down or you just need quick cash to pay some bills but there's no time to wait for your pay day. For problems like these, there's a simple and short-term solution: Advance Salary service. This easy, hassle-free service provides you with the following features and benefits:

  • Monthly revolving amount up to 70% of your net salary transferred to the bank (after deductions).
  • Funds can be accessed 24/7 via the ATM
  • The minimum monthly service amount is JD 50; the maximum is JD 500.
  • Service is with no subscription fees, and renewed automatically on a monthly basis.

To view Terms and Conditions, click here.

For more details or to subscribe to the Advance Salary service, kindly visit the nearest branch or Contact us on Tejari Direct Call: 06 520 9000.