Personal Loans

Jordan Commercial Bank offers easy and flexible personal loans that meet all your personal needs including travel, education, furniture, etc.



  • Competitive interest rate.
  • Flexible repayment period up to 96 months. *
  • The possibility to calculate additional incomes.
  • 1% commission for the first year only - one time fee.
  • The possibility to transfer your loan from another bank without a credit grant commission.
  • Free credit card with no issuance fees.
  • The program meets the needs of all segments of society.


  • JD 3,000 minimum loan amount.
  • JD 350 minimum salary transfer.
  • 50% maximum loan burden ratio.
  • 6 months minimum employment for the borrower.
  • Applicant must be at least 21 years old.


Required documents:

  • Salary slip for the last 3 months for public and private sector employees.
  • Bank statement for the last 3 months for public and private sector employees and for the last 6 months for professionals and the self-employed.
  • Social security statement for private sector employees.
  • Copy of valid ID.
  • Recent commercial register and valid professional license for professionals and the self-employed.


To apply for a Personal Loan you can:

  • Click I am interested button and fill out the form
  • Or Contact us on Tejari Direct Call: +9626-5209000
  • Or visit nearest Branch.