Jordan Commercial Bank offers the eFAWATEERcom bill payment service through Tejari Connect, Tejari Mobile & through branches network. eFAWATEERcom is an electronic bill presentment and payment system owned by the Central Bank of Jordan that enables customers to pay bills to several public and private sector companies easily and safely.


This service offers the following features:

  • Create an eFAWATEERcom profile which you can inquire about using Tejari Connect
  • Inquire about due bills in real-time
  • Add / delete saved bills within your eFAWATEERcom profile
  • Pay bills in real-time


 Utility Bills Collection

  • You can pay your electric, telephone and water bills at any of our branches for a minimal service charge


Sales Tax Collection

  • The ability to collect Sales Tax payable to the Income and Sales Tax Department:
  • Collection of all claims through cash payments, cheques and standing orders transfers
  • Easy collection procedures for registered entities by providing the fully completed Sales Tax Forms


Social Security Payments 

  • Through Jordan Commercial Bank you can pay your monthly subscription to the Social Security Corporation:
  • Accepting cash or cheque payments.
  • Do not miss deadlines by placing a standing order form your account at Jordan Commercial Bank
  • Easy payment procedures by using the social security special magnetic card



* Terms and Conditions apply.