Pay with your MasterCard credit card to win the entertainment bundle!


  • The campaign starts on 20 October 2022 until November 17, 2022.
  • 10 winners (in total) will be selected at random draws.
  • The campaign includes the following eligible MasterCard cards; (Classic, U, World and Jah World).
  • The campaign includes local and international purchase transactions made through points of sale or online.
  • The campaign includes both main & supplementary cards with the same or separate credit limits, provided that the transactions made on these cards are calculated for the primary card cardholder, and it is subject to the minimum/greater number of eligible win possibilities.
  • If there is more than one supplementary card, all the transactions total amounts made on these cards will be combined to calculate the minimum chances based on the cumulative total amount.
  • Each 10 JOD spent amount in a local transaction equals 1 chance. Each 10 JOD amount spent in an international transaction equals 4 chances.
  • The draw will take place the next business day after the campaign official end date.


Terms and Conditions:

  • The minimum number of chances to enter the draw is 10 (a spent amount of 100 JOD for local transactions or its equivalent for international transactions).
  • Maximum number of chances is 100 (a spent amount of 1,000 JOD for local transactions or its equivalent for international movements).
  • The card must be active on the draw date.
  • It is required that the card should not have any due instalments (two or more instalments) at the draw date.
  • ATM cash withdrawals and FastCash transactions are excluded from the campaign.
  • Purchases made through government departments and gambling websites are excluded.
  • The transactions must be matched between the merchant’s and the bank's system to be included in the campaign.
  • Bank employees and board of directors’ members are excluded from the campaign.