It’s time to vacation, explore new things and whatever strikes your fancy, live the lifestyle you dream about and focus on YOU. 

You are finally able to do what you really want and have complete control of your financial requirements with our special discounts we offer on many financial services and products that cater to your needs. 


1. Loans Products

Personal loans:

  • 7.99% interest rate
  • No Commission
  • Loan tenor up to 10 years
  • Grace period up to 2 months


Housing loans:

  • 7.75% interest rate
  • Financing up to 100%
  • No commission
  • Loan tenor up to 30 years
  • Mortgage expenses covered by the bank
  • Free life and property insurance


Auto Loans:

  • 4.25% Flat interest rate
  • No commission
  • Loan tenor up to 8 years
  • No comprehensive insurance
  • Free life insurance


2. Deposits Products

  • 5.75% interest rate for one year term
  • 5.50% interest rate for 6 months term
  • Minimum opening balance is 3,000 JOD
  • Interest amount paid monthly


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