Change your life in a split second with Tejari Tawfeeri!

Only 100 JD qualifies you to win the grand cash prize 100,000 JD or the quarterly cash prize 50,000 JD on 30/6/2020.

Open an account today to enter the draw the next day.


Numerous and valuable cash prizes are waiting for you:

  • 500,000 Grand Prizes as follow:
    • 100,000 JOD in 30-6-2020 for a winner
    • 100,000 JOD in 30-9-2020 for a winner
    • 300,000 JOD end of year prize for three winners (100,000 JOD per winner)
  • 50,000 JOD Quarterly prize
  • 5,000 JOD Weekly prize
  • 500 JOD Daily prize


Advantages and benefits:

  • Only 100 JOD or USD qualifies you to enter the draw
  • Every 50 JOD or USD earns one winning chance
  • One additional chance is given every 90 days from account opening date
  • New accounts are directly eligible to enter the draw
  • All minor accounts are eligible to enter the draw
  • All joint accounts are eligible to enter the draw

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* Terms and Conditions apply

* Savings account prizes are subject to tax laws and regulations