Change Your Life for a Mere JD 100!

Open a Tejari Tawfeeri savings account today for only JD 100 to qualify for the Grand Prize JD 500,000* draw on 31/7/2019.


  • The minimum opening balance required for a Classic Tejari Tawfeeri account is JD 100 or $100
  • The minimum opening balance for a Gold Tejari Tawfeeri account is JD 2500 or $2500
  • All account tiers (Classic or Gold) qualify for the draw;  including minors’ accounts
  • Only accounts in Jordanian Dinars or US dollars shall be eligible
  • Every additional JD 50 or $50 gives you an extra chance to win…feed your balance today to increase your odds!


* The draw is subject to the Income Tax Law


- Terms & Conditions Apply  


For more information, please visit the nearest branch or call our 24/7 “Tejari Direct Call” on: 06-5209000