Investor’s Relations

Born in Jaffa in 1946. Holds a bachelor's degree in Public Administration and Political Science from the University of Jordan in 1971. Chairman of the Board of Directors Sayegh Group, which includes underneath 35 companies spread across the Arab world, Eastern and Western Europe and Asia in different disciplines chemical, engineering, household appliances, real estate, banking, and media and its staff includes 5,000 employees and an employee. He is married and has three sons. - Holds the Order of the Holy Sepulchre of His Holiness Metropolitan Vinivctos of - the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate in 2002. - Holds King Hussein Medal for Distinguished tender first class in 2007. Mr. Michael Sayegh, Chairman and member of the Board of Directors and Honorary President of several companies and associations and clubs, including:

  • Chairman of the Board of Directors for all Sayegh Group companies.
  • Chairman of the Board of Directors of National Paints in all its branches.
  • Member of the Board of Trustees of the King Abdullah II Award for Self-employment and Entrepreneurship – Amman.
  • Honorary President of the Club Orthodox – Fuhais.
  • A member of the Central Council of the Orthodox.
  • Founder and Vice Chairman of the Executive Committee in the Assembly Orthodox.
  • Honorary President of the Association of Jaffa – Amman.
  • Member of the Board of Trustees of the Association of International Affairs.
  • Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Palestine International Foundation for Research and Services.
  • A member of the Arab Federation for the paints and coatings industry representatives from Jordan.
  • Member of the Board of Trustees of the Jordanian Society for medical aid to the Palestinians.
  • Member of the Board of Trustees of the Jordan Society for Scientific Research.
  • Member of the Board of Directors in the Jordanian Al Jazira Bank Sudan / Sudan.
  • Chairman of the Arab Company for Electrical Industries.
  • Chairman of the Arab Company for Paints products/ Palestine.
  • Chairman of the Middle East Privileged Coating / Oman.

First Jordan Investment Co. is a Jordanian public shareholding company was founded in 2006 with an authorized paid up capital of JOD150 Million. It specializes in investing in various sectors in Jordan and abroad, and aims to maximize returns on investments and shareholders’ equity.

The company's current investments are divided in terms of geographical distribution into two main categories presented in national investments which represent 80% of the company's portfolio, and international investments represent 20% distributed in UK, Kuwait and Palestine markets. It holds around 16% of ABRAJ Investment & Development Co. – Palestine and 4.5% of Global MENA Financial Assets (GMFA) - UK.

In reference to the national investments, the company has a well diversified investments including financial and real estate sectors. In the financial sector, the company owns approximately 14% of the capital of Jordan Commercial Bank. The company's real estate investments are distributed in three categories:

Firstly, investing in a real estate continuing income (leasing), the company operates rental real estate portfolio valued over JOD17 Million which presented in two commercial buildings at vital areas inside Amman and return on investment around 9% per annum.

Secondly, investing in lands in Greater Amman and Dead Sea, it owns lands for trading and development purposes valued over JOD16 Million.

Thirdly, investing in real estate development, the company has completed a commercial distinctive building (Signature Luxurious Offices) of approximately 20,000 sqm build up area that combines contemporary architecture design and utmost convenience through competitively flexible offices space options, it also complies with the latest International Standards and Al Abdali requirements. The project located in Abdali Area which will be prime central business and residential district of Amman at Sheikh Rafik Al Hariri Street, (15m) away from the Boulevard.

First Jordan Investment Co. is striving continuously to improve its objectives and to achieve the highest return and profitability by applying diversified policy for the portfolio management, which is in line with economic and risk factors. As well as providing secure and stable environment for tenants, and outstanding services through open communication.

Social Security Investment Unit was established under the investment bylaw of Social Security Corporation No. 111 for year 2001, issued under Article No. 76 of Social Security Law No. 19 for year 2001, and it has started its activities in early 2003 after the adoption of investment strategies that govern its work.

As the temporary Social Security Law No. 7 for the year 2010 has been endorsed and issued, "Social Security Investment Fund" has been constituted under the provisions of this Law as of 1/4/2010 to replace the Investment Unit. The Fund enjoys an administrative independence and shall invest the funds of the Social Security Corporation (SSC).

The Social Security Investment Fund (SSIF) is subject to the temporary law of the Social Security No. 7, investment bylaw and to a number of instructions that regulate the technical, administrative and financial aspects of the Fund.

Our vision: We invest to secure generations' future

Our Mission: Social Security Investment Fund was established to "maximize the returns of Social Security Investment Fund" in order to enable Social Security Corporation to fulfill its future obligations.

Core Values:

We Invest Responsibly:

  • We are proud of our independence in making investment decisions.
  • We adopt best practices and performance indicators.
  • We adopt risk adjusted economic feasibility as the basis of our investment.

We Work Professionally:

  • We are committed to integrity, objectivity, and the ability of our employees to make the right decisions.
  • We cooperate on all levels to realize our mission and strategic objectives.
  • We adhere to an environment conducive to outstanding performance and we continuously aim to develop our technical and professional capabilities.

We believe in Organizational Governance:

  • Our decisions are based on methodologies that reflect the utmost levels of transparency.
  • Corporate social responsibility enhances the investment environment.
  • We adopt an organizational framework and structure that ensures conformance with legislation and policies.

What does the Fund do?

  • Trades in local companies shares, whether listed or unlisted in the stock market exchange.
  • Establishes projects in cooperation with the public and private sectors, and participates established feasible projects.
  • Buys and sells bonds and other securities.
  • Deposits cash in local banks in return of appropriate revenues.
  • Participates in the joint investment funds.
  • Participates in financing feasible national projects through providing long term syndicated loans in return of guarantees.
  • Buys, sells, and develops lands and buildings for the purposes of ownership, sharing, and investment or trading.
  • Follows up on the performance of the representatives of Social Security Corporation in the companies in which the Corporation is a main shareholder.

The Fund's Investment Philosophy

The Investment Philosophy of Fund is based on managing the assets of Social Security Corporation according to the main economic fundamentals to:-

  • Maintain the true value of Social Security Corporation's assets and their growth to achieve rewarding returns.
  • Minimize the investment risks of the portfolio through diversification of assets.
  • Study the available investment opportunities.
  • Provide the necessary liquidity to address the obligations of Social Security Corporation.
  • Adopt the international standards of pension funds management.

Strategic Pillars of Investment

  • Return Requirement:

    Over the long-term, the Fund expects to receive a return of approximately 3-4 percent in excess of the discount rate used in the actuarial studies of Social Security Corporation.
  • Diversification:

    The Fund practice sassets diversification at the macro and micro levels. In pursuit of macro-diversification, the Fund focuses attention on the asset allocation to spread risk across multiple asset classes including stocks, bonds, real estate, and money market instruments. As a complement to macro-diversification, the Fund stresses micro-diversification by focusing on diversification within each individual asset class.
  • Liquidity:

    A reasonable amount of liquidity is needed to meet unforeseen events, pension outflows and plan expenses during any specific year. The Fund monitors the structure of the Fund's bonds, follows a staggered maturity strategy to insure that the portfolio continually maintains adequate liquidity.
  • Time Horizon

    The Fund has a long-term time horizon; therefore, it maintains a long-term perspective that is consistent with a long-term investment horizon.

Commitment to Corporate Governance:

The importance of the Corporate Governance in the Fund stems from the fact that it provides a foundation for developing the future corporate performance in order to support the confidence in the Fund's activities as an independent entity that administers the funds of Social Security Corporation competently and professionally. In addition; it clarifies communication mechanisms between the Investment Fund and the Board of Directors of Social Security Corporation in its capacity as the guardian of the Corporation's funds in accordance with the best international practices in administering pension funds.

Corporate Governance guiding principles:

  • Justice: In dealing with all stakeholders (shareholders, the Board of Social

    Security Corporation, subscribers of the Social Security Corporation, Investment Fund's Employees and the Control Authorities).
  • Transparency in Disclosure: In a way that enables the stakeholders to evaluate the status and the financial performance of the Investment Fund.
  • Accountability in Relations: Between the Social Security Investment Board and the Executive Management of the Fund on one hand and Social Security Investment Board, the Board of Directors of the Social Security Corporation and the other stakeholders on the other hand.
  • Responsibility: In terms of clear separation of responsibility and delegation of authorities among the stakeholders.